WEB Report No. 1 , 2 Feb. 2009        錯視の科学館  展示 No. 11
 歪同心円錯視 (Distorted Cirlces Illusion)
            新井仁之 (Hitoshi ARAI) 
  Please see the following picture. Greened concentric circles seem to be distorted on the fractal spiral illusion.    
  The fractal spiral illusion was found by myself and Shinobu Arai in 2007. It is as follows   
  This picture consists of fractal islands which are aligned like concentric circles. However fractal islands seem to be arrayed like a spiral. This illusion was found by Hitoshi Arai and Shinobu Arai in 2007. For details of the fractal spiral illusion, see the following papers:  
  Hitoshi Arai and Shinobu Arai, On a spiral illusion made by using fractal figures, Technical Report of Mathematical Vision Science Laboratry, No 3, 2007 (in Japanese)   
  Hitoshi Arai and Shinobu Arai, Framlet analysis of some geometrical illusions, JJIAM, 27 (2010), 23-46.   
  Key Words: spiral illusion, fractal spiral illusion, distorted circles illusion, 渦巻き錯視,フラクタル螺旋錯視,錯視.   

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