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  Merry Christmas !  
  Fuyuu Illusion Art for Christmas 2015   
  クリスマスの浮遊錯視 2015  
    Hitoshi Arai and Shinobu Arai     

  "Fuyuu" is a Japanese word which means "floating" or "moving".
The following two pictures are new illusion arts by ourselves. We made these works from a photo of a poinsettia by using our computer program "Fuyuu illusion maker". Please see for the details of fuyuu illusions our website Science Museum of Visual Illusions, Japan.
  How to view the illusion arts: While looking at the magenta small circle in the center, move your face toward and away from the image. The poinsettias appear to float in a circlular shape !  
Poinsettia Fuyuu Illusion1
Poinsettia Moving Illusion 1 (H. Arai and S. Arai, 2014)
 ポインセチアの浮遊錯視 1 (新井・新井, 2015)
 Poinsettia Fuyuu Illusion2
Poinsettia Fuyuu Illusion 2 (H. Arai and S. Arai, 2015)
 ポインセチアの浮遊錯視 2 (新井・新井、2015)
Fuyuu Illusion of Poinsettias
Poinsettia Fuyuu Illusion 3 (H. Arai and S. Arai, 2015)
 ポインセチアの浮遊錯視 3 (新井・新井、2015)
  We would like to show you our previous illusion work for Christmas.         
Wreath Motion Illusion
    Wreath Motion Illusion (H. Arai and S. Arai, 2011)    
          Hitoshi Arai
          Professor of Mathematical Sciences
          The University of Tokyo, Japan

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